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US Legislators Reacting to #MeToo

American jurisdictions, notably, California and New York have passed laws dealing with non-disclosure covenants and in the case of New York, the mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment cases. Will Canadian legislators follow? Non-Disclosure Term Void in California The State of California has, as of January 1, 2019, implemented new legislation designed to limit an employer’s ability to keep the allegations of sexual harassment confidential, even in the case of a settlement. The new law applies to contracts made on this date or following and is not retrospective. The law[1] will...

Representative Sexual Harassment Human Rights Claim

Human Rights Tribunals Only the statutes of Canada, British Columbia, Manitoba, N.W.T., Saskatchewan and Nunavut allow for a representative human rights complaint. A vivid example of the need for such reform on Ontario can be seen in a recent decision dealing with individuals suffering from a developmental disability. These persons had been a wage rate described as a “training honorarium” of $1 to $1.25 per hour. [1]  Other workers received the statutory minimum. The applicant did continue to receive the Ontario disability support payment while employed without offset. An award...